Crocs, Rugby And Poetry Tea

Busy days, and things to mull over which have also been occupying my head space leaving no room for blogging.  So for today mainly photos and a little about what we’ve been doing.

Last year we hardly ate in the garden at all.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe life was too busy when our weekdays were dominated by school runs and after-school activities, or maybe we just never got into the habit because we didn’t have this gorgeous early spring sunshine and then we got our fix of al fresco dining down at the coast.  This year I intend to eat outside a lot.  We started on Friday 🙂

We even did a bit of maths outside.

On Saturday I had to get up really early to be down at the beach house by 8am for a gas meter safety inspection they wouldn’t let me postpone any longer.  Just as well I’d been practising all week!  I spent the morning sunbathing on the balcony, portable doorbell in my hand.  As it turned out, the appointment had accidentally been cancelled by the gas company so at 1pm I reluctantly left my sunny spot, said hello to the beach

and drove back.  Via the cheap village croc shop (yay, it’s time to replace the wellies by the back door with crocs!)  Radio 2 was playing the top 20 songs from 1991 (my final year at uni) which I had on VERY loudly in the car.  By the time I got home I was totally energised, despite my super-early start, and didn’t feel in the least that my day had been wasted even though the appointment had been cancelled.  In fact, I might schedule a few more solo trips like that!

C was playing in a rugby tournament on Sunday so I took J shopping for some new summer clothes.  I’m certainly not what you’d call a shopaholic but I do like to go round the shops now and again, and I’m finding I really have to squeeze it in where I can now we’re full-time homeschooling.  J didn’t mind where he was as long as he could play on his DS and visit the Apple store, but he was disappointed that the iPad’s had all been replaced with the new iPad 2, none of which had Angry Birds installed  (apparently mine is not the same as he hasn’t completed “all the levels”!)

C’s team won the tournament, which was against all the other U7 teams in our county, so she was pretty chuffed (and exhausted!)

Today was pretty low-key.  There was sponge-painting.

And we made gingerbread cakes to take to poetry tea at Gaynor’s.  This time I followed the recipe and added the finishing touch of chopped stem ginger on top of the lemon icing.  They do look a bit fancier.

The actual poetry tea was completely delightful.  Being welcomed at a beautiful ritual our friends have been enjoying for several years and which I have read about on Gaynor’s blog felt like stepping into a real life movie!  The photo was hastily snapped (I think I didn’t want to look too touristy, or something ;-)) but shows the lovely cake stand centrepiece, and the teapot, of  course.  Lots of inspiration there.

J read “Algy And The Bear” (Anon) from The Puffin Book of Fantastic First Poems.  He wants to have poetry tea every day now!  C’s poem was from the same book. I was going to read Marriott Wallace’s Albert And The Lion but when it turned out that our hosts were all familiar with that poem but not its sequel, Albert’s Return, I switched.  It’s a long one and I was a bit self-conscious about attempting a northern English dialect in public but according to Wikipedia, “Marriott Wallace should be read in a northern accent”, so I felt it was my duty, and it really was a very relaxed kind of tea.

We rounded off today visiting my sister-in-law and gorgeous nephew T, who has grown enormously in the six weeks since we last visited.

Seeing him kick his legs with joy and laugh out loud over and over was so lovely; babies really are so connected to their wellbeing.  Noticing how much he’s developed since he was born in November reminded me of one of the reasons I was inspired to start this blog – to honour the miracle that is the first months and years of life, and indeed all life.  I’m proud of me, too 🙂

Taking The Time To Align

Looking back, I can see that at 10am this morning, today could have unfolded in two very different ways.  As we left the Learning Centre where C and J do music lessons I was side-tracked by a book sale, and while I stopped to buy something C and J, experts at finding entertainment wherever they happen to find themselves, began joyfully running in and out of the automatic sliding doors to the outside.  I won’t dwell on what happened next; suffice to say that I was asked to stop my children running in and out of the door, C and J were disinclined to stop their fun, and I forgot all about my number one priority of feeling good – in fact we all got back into the car feeling Very Bad!

My tolerance for being outside of wellbeing is low – not only does it feel terrible, but I know that Law Of Attraction cannot possibly line me up with anything I want when I am so far out of whack.  So, I breathed;  I put Cecilia’s “Amazing Grace” into the car CD player and selected track 2, “Prayer Of St Francis”;  I opened a pot of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries; and I focused on becoming the channel of peace Cecilia was beatifically extolling.

Within minutes of leaving the Learning Centre, not only did my sense of lightness and ease return, but the Universe performed its side of the wellbeing equation beautifully: the synchronicities that flowed after those five minutes I had spent realigning with wellbeing were a perfect demonstration of the leveraging power of Source Energy.  Having spent the last few days fantasizing about driving a camper van round Europe and wondering where to find more information about it, I met a home educating mum who shared her experiences about doing just that, and even gave me a tour of her van (which, incidentally, runs on vegetable oil!); I “randomly” bumped into three old friends I’d been wanting to get in touch with (one of them twice!); and a house we’ve been wanting to buy for two years came up for sale.  My husband is cautious about our chances of being able to buy the house, but I’m more optimistic.  I’ve got special powers – I know about Law Of Attraction.

Basking In Wellbeing

What a lovely day. It started well, and got better and better as law of attraction did its stuff.  I’m not sure what the magic ingredient was that started it off – maybe a feeling of satisfaction at the end of  wonderful first week of home educating my daughter, maybe cuddling my 7 week old nephew for an hour at lunchtime, or it could have been seeing C and J laughing as they played “duck duck goose” with their friends at our home education group this afternoon.  By the time I got home I was buzzing and I knew my introverted brain needed recharging, but I felt so good I almost didn’t want to risk coming down by doing my daily meditation.  I’m so glad I did, though – the experience was exquisite; sublime, physically and emotionally.  Everyone around me cooperated in my bliss – my husband’s commute worked (for the first time this week!), J was full of gorgeous bedtime little-boy-cuddles, and C kept popping down after bedtime, explaining “I don’t know what it is, Mummy, but it’s like you’re a baby I just want to keep cuddling”.

I love basking in a new level of wellbeing.

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