Deschooling Myself

We’re having a quiet week, and while I feel well-rested, I have caught myself occasionally feeling anxious that we should be “doing” more.  I know as a therapist and coach that when I find myself using the  “should” word it’s a sure sign I’ve disappeared from the joyful here and now and into my “thinking” – never a good place to hang out for long!

We spent most of yesterday at home apart from a visit to the park followed by a quick coffee with an old family friend.  C and J spent the rest of the day drifting happily between the garden and house, from time to time asking me for things, but mostly contentedly doing their own thing.

Looking back now, it’s obvious they’d had a great day (and of course learned heaps), but that slightly guilty and insecure part of me (the “schooled” part!) couldn’t help seeking reassurance, and I asked C at bedtime if she’d had a good day.   “I’ve had a perfect day”, she said, then added “no, not perfect.  If it had been perfect I wouldn’t have had time to create” (her word for the many things she does at the craft desk, and nicely chosen in the context of what I needed to hear!)  I think I have something to learn from her at-first-sight illogical definition of “perfect”.  One of today’s “creations” – this “Be Happy” sandwich board – is a handy visual reminder!

C's "Be Happy" sign

My Library Thing

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