I know very little about classical music – so little, in fact, that I don’t really even know what I don’t like, let alone what I do.  But recently I’ve begun to notice that I like the sound stringed instruments can make.  This probably began after the first few plays of “Vivaldi’s Ring Of Mystery” in the car with my children and continued more recently after hearing the cello (?) opening of Cecilia’s rendition of “You Raise Me Up“, so beautiful it can literally move me to tears.  A few days ago I resolved to acquire more string-music-that-I-like, though I wasn’t quite sure how to go about finding it.

Nothing beats feeling good and then having something which is unambiguously the manifestation of a desire pop into my experience.  Abraham-Hicks describes this as “being wrapped up in a worthy blanket” and that’s exactly how it feels.

Today’s worthy blanket came in the guise of a string trio playing right in our path as we walked from the car to our London home education group.  As I listened, appreciating both the music and the synchronicity, I read that the musicians were members of The Lydian String, a pool of a hundred young freelance musicians who come together not only to bring their beautiful music to the public but also to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support (they’ve raised in excess of £90,000 since 2001).

I’m not sure I like every track on The Lydian String CD that I bought,  but I definitely like others and, hey, that’s progress! And in any case, I know my money went to a good cause.



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